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Membership Application

What do you mean “I’m not a member”?

Association is free; just subscribe below:

Membership costs £5 for life entitling you to get your ale and some other drinks 10p cheaper at the Inn through showing your membership card – only one discount per drink! You’ll also have access to any members-only section of this site where you can interact in forums, polls and chat, read members-only articles, get advance notice of events and vote at members meetings. There will be further things later on and we’ll let you know when they’re available.

To become a member, go to the Navigation Inn, Breaston, and ask for a membership form to complete at the bar, give this to a member of the barstaff along with your £5 fee, they will then acknowledge receipt of the fee and form passing both on to us to then register you as a member of the group.

On processing your membership, you’ll be sent an email confirming we’ve matched fee and form. The email will be obviously from us and the link in the email will send you to a page to change your login name and password – please change your password immediately!

Your information

We’ll never ask for any payment card details; in fact the only information we’ll ask for is on the paper application form and this is the only time we’ll ask you for that information. Anything else is up to you on how you interact on the website.

We may send you other emails from time to time to inform you of events, offers and the minutes from any members meetings. If you want us to stop contacting you, let us know through the site’s contact form. If you have any questions please ask us either in person at the Inn, the barstaff or through the site contact form.