Looking Inn: The Anglers Rest at Bamford – a Community Benefit

The Anglers Rest is owned and operated by the Bamford Community Society, which was set up in 2012 to enable the people of Bamford to own and operate village amenities for the long-term benefit of the village.




The story started back in early 2012 when the Anglers Rest closed for business. A group of residents came together to discuss its future as they didn’t want to lose the pub.  The pub had been in private hands and was a thriving business.  But once it was bought by a Pubco it began a steady decline.  After four tenants in two years, the owners put the pub up for sale.

The Villagers registered the pub as an Asset of Community Value, set up a Community Benefit Society.  They raised £275,000 by way of a share issue which was topped up with a bank loan.  This enabled them to buy the Anglers Rest and run it as a community hub combining a pub, cafe, post office, bunkhouse and car park for residents and visitors.

It took a lot of commitment but the Bamford Community Society was determined to buy and run the business for the benefit of the whole community giving local people control over its future.  They were clear that they didn’t want to end up destroying the character of the pub or running the pub in a way that undermined other local businesses.  They succeeded.  The pub was bought towards the end of 2013 and is now a very successful enterprise in its own right and has boosted the local village economy.
“It’s a great way for us to save a rural pub and to place it right back into the heart of the community.”

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