Could this be the end of the Beer Tie?

The beer tie system has in place for over years but, on 18th November, MP’s backed an amendment to the Small Business Bill which is aimed at helping to secure fair rents and cheaper beer prices as licencees will be able to buy beer and other drinks from any supplier. There is talk of beer being as much as 60p a pint cheaper!!

This was a defeat for the Government and so it may not be over yet. The Government may try to water it down to appease big business. The Beer and Pub Association is furious and claims it will result in publicans going bankrupt and the eventual loss of 7,000 jobs.

CAMRA, which has campaigned for years against the pub tie system, is delighted, “the government was forced to pass a law which bans pub companies from charging their landlords rip-off rents. This was an unfair practice which squeezed the pennies of our local pub landlords while those at the top of pub chains made huge profits.”

Over 45,000 CAMRA members signed a petition which was submitted to Parliament, calling for an end to the “Great British Pub Scandal”.

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